Wednesday, June 3, 2009


A lull in the action this evening with not much going on, so here are some things to ponder, or not.

..... The ORC has instituted out of competition testing for stakes races. As most know, OOC testing is to get at the bad stuff, namely EPO and blood builders. These drugs are given between races and are very hard to catch.

..... Well Said, NA Cup favourite, made his first start of the year at Chester this evening. After a 150 and change qualifier I expected him to be good, but he came home in 28.1 and did not look like a chalk for the NA Cup to me. Time will tell of course.

..... Salty card this weekend at Mohawk. JC speaks of his Classic Series mounts here.

..... Dave Brower's new book is out. I went to the bookstore but I could not find one. If I can I will review it here. I am surprised I have not seen advance copies around for reviewers. Dave is a pretty sharp guy, so I expect it to be good.

..... Greg will be here tomorrow with his NA Cup Top Ten.

..... I have been scouring the internet, searching valiantly for Harness Herb. We will get him back in the fold when we can for his top ten monthly harness horses.

..... Muscle Hill goes tomorrow at the M, making his three year old debut. By the looks of the quallies, one would think he should be good.

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