Betfair and the Breeders Cup - Who Courted Who?

With the recent announcement that Betfair and the Breeders Cup have a deal I thought about a previous look we had at racings demographics in terms of internet searches.

Age Demographics for Internet searches for website A:

Seven of ten searchers are below the age of 34

Website B:

Close to half of searchers are below the age of 34

Website C:

About one in ten searchers are below the age of 34

One is a racing site, one a poker site and one a peer to peer betting site. Can you spot them?

A: a is Betfair, b is and c is the Daily Racing Form.

I wonder if we need them more than they need us.


Unknown said...

What is the source of those demographics.

Interesting stuff for sure.

Nice to see the zero year olds checking in on PokerStars!

Pull the Pocket said...

Hi Eddie,

That is an advertising interface for marketers from google, allowing them to make better decisions on ad buys.

The demo's are not 100% accurate (I find), but do give a good ballpark...... so the google-ites tell us!


Anonymous said...

I was reading the comments on the Paulickreport and lots of commenters there posted how big a benefit this is to betfair. I think that is not too shocking, because it shows how much racing does not understand what they are.


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