November Edge Up; Some Horse Stories of a Weird Nature

This months Harness Edge is up. The full color mag (once a print magazine) is jam packed with great reading. I have gotten accustomed like most to reading newpapers online, and ditto magazines.

I spoke with a long-time racing guy this past weekend and he said "we don't cheer for each other in harness racing anymore." This tends to be true I find. This month's Edge story on To Helen Back owner Mike Shunock is not one of those times. Mike is one first class fellow and I was happy to see the Edge feature him. He helped a lot of people in this world (a young punk trying to sell deals on Bay Street to put food on his table can attest to that) and I sincerely hope he gets some world champions with the money, time and effort he is putting into the game.

The magazine opens into a reader here.

Some weird and nasty from the harness racing world today.

A driver in the UK is going to the slammer for 4 and a half years for..... hold on ..... beating a racing official with a whip.

As well, the great racehorse Conduit had his life allegedly threatened recently and that spawned charges.

It is alleged that Rodgerson sent threats via text message and email to the ownership connections of Conduit, a leading thoroughbred overseas. It is alleged that Rodgerson sent messages to the connections stating that the horse would be killed if he were not removed from competing in the King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes this past July.

What a world.

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