No Studbucks & No Politics

I caught the article on Mine That Bird, and the comments from trainer Chip Woolley regarding the gelding's Breeders Cup try. Mine That Bird has not won since the Derby. But it is not from a lack of trying. He has been in the box four times since. He has taken on Rachel, made a trip to Chester, West Virginia for a shot at Mountaineer. He is now pointing to the Breeders Cup Classic, after a disappointing sixth place finish in the Goodwood.

I am struck by both the talk and horse management with these connections. There are no excuses, no hand-wringing, no talk of not wanting to "run on plastic" like it is some sort of death-wish. There is no talk of retiring him early, so that the massive stud fees can be protected (after all, he's a gelding). There are no lawsuits or partner arguments about how best to protect the horse for his 'reputation', or public worries about where to start him next so he does not get beaten. They just seem to figure what the hell; they have a horse, he seems sound, they like to race, they have a few bucks in their pocket.... why not take a trip to Tinseltown and see what the gritty gelding can do?

Horse racing to me is much, much different when driven by racing horses, instead of stud money and politics. I don't know about you guys, but as a fan I like it. I am cheering like hell for this little horse in the Classic.

H/t to Ray Paulick

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