Thursday Notes

This Saturday at the Red Mile, the 117th Kentucky Futurity goes in a two heat event.

Race 7 - First Elimination
1. Tom Cango (Mike LaChance - Jim Campbell)
2. Air Zoom Lindy (Tim Tetrick - Frank Antonacci)
3. Dr Mc Dreamy (Homer Hochstetler)
4. Big Bikkies (Ron Pierce - Noel Daley)
5. Neighsay Hanover (Trond Smedshammer)
6. Windshear (John Campbell - Jimmy Takter)

Race 8 - Second Elimination
1. Explosive Matter (Ron Pierce - Noel Daley)
2. Broadway Bistro (George Brennan - Jim Campbell)
3. Hot Shot Blue Chip (Steve Condren - Jonas Czernyson)
4. Even Better Odds (Tim Tetrick* - Chuck Sylvester)
5. Cesar A Blue Chip (Tim Tetrick* - Noel Daley)
6. Russell Hill (John Campbell - Jimmy Takter)
7. Muscle Hill (Brian Sears - Greg Peck)

It is no surprise to say that this is Muscle Hill's to lose. He's one of the rare horses that sickness, lameness, or running into a flock of seagulls like Rainbow Blue did a few years ago, are about the only things that can stop him. Let's hope for some good weather this weekend.

For competition sake, it is a shame MH is around. This is a good group of square gaiters, and without him in the mix we would see some good races. Big Bikkies, Hot Shot Blue Chip, and of course Explosive Matter are all super-fast steeds. I think any one of them would be able to take the hardware and win in a fast time.

Dressing up your horse for Halloween? Here are some tips.

I dunno, but dressing up as the Grim Reaper with your horse is not my first choice. I think I would dress up as a big carrot.

The Horseplayer Association has been working with Equibase the past several months on getting scratches and changes updated in real time. For anyone that uses software, or some of the web totes, this has been a real problem. In addition, it is not uncommon to see scratches not even updated for some tracks at times. This should fix that up. I do not know if harness changes will all be there or not.

There are some diamond-in-the-rough blogs out there that never get any press, but are just dandy. Marshall Gramm's is one of them. Invariably he will have a solid 'capping post up which resides outside normal handicapping. For example, when youbet had a contest with show betting he looked at some numbers. He is good for the brain.

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