Simply Special Horses

Racing might make it tough to be a customer who bets, but to be a fan of racing who wants to watch brilliance, the stories and horses are there.

Yesterday, Muscle Hill romped to an easy victory in the 117th Kentucky Futurity, in yet another display of trotting perfection.

This morning, Sea the Stars rolled to another breathtaking victory in the Arc de Triomphe. Ray Paulick said, "He is what a great Thoroughbred racehorse is all about."

It appears that both colts will make the Breeders Cup and Crown their next starts. For that we are fortunate.

Racing has problems - big ones. But the star horses of our era do not. They just wake up in the morning, have a bit of chow, hit the paddock for a little roll in the mud and then walk into the trailer for a trip to the track. It's been like that virtually since the beginning of the sport. Racing is the ease of simplicity and routine.

It's why I love horse racing. Horses don't talk, they just race. And in some instances, like Muscle Hill and Sea the Stars..... they are faster than many of the millions who came before them.

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