Classic Crist

I am a Steve Crist fan. He is a good gambler and seems like a decent enough sod. But especially I like some of his quips. One of which in his most recent blog piece on bad beats.

(I had my share of bad beats too but I don't tell bad-beat stories because they are the least interesting stories in the world and having to listen to them is the leading reason that poker players are among the most boring people on earth. At least bad-beat horseplayer stories have the potential for genuine drama and genuine injustice, like losing a bet because the rider misjudges the finish line or a horse jumps the infield hedge or an alligator crawls onto the track. But every single bad-beat poker story is essentially the same: I had the best hand going in and lost. It happens. Even when you're an 80/20 favorite, you lose 20 percent of the time. Big deal. Get over it. Nobody cares.)

More, on Vegas, the NTRA Marketing Summit and so on here.


dana said...

"Fortunately, there were just enough jackass players to make it a slightly profitable week..."

He's hilarious.

Chairman Rich said...

Did you catch US Trotting Assoc.'s article titled "Understanding Ontario" ?

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