Interesting Opening Night in Jersey

The Meadowlands opener last night provided some good payoffs, and some excellent value for handicappers.

The pick 4 payoff was a record, over $69,000. But this was not one of the head scratchers. In fact, an online service I checked produced the pick 4 with a 3x3x3x3 ticket. Not bad for $81. I got three of four, like a lot of you I assume.

The Meadowlands has branded this bet. With a low takeout (15%, the best in North America) we know we are not getting shafted, and it does provide huge value. It is perhaps the only bet in harness racing that virtually everyone wants to play and year after year this bet actually goes up, despite massive handle losses.

There were some horses with a good deal of board value this night, which does make the M the place to play. For example, Canadian players would have pitched Village Bolero in race 11. Others certainly would not have played the heavy chalk in the last at those odds either, seeing he looks nothing like a mile track horse and never has been on one. There were plenty of deep fields and room for a lot of opinion.

My chat board funny from the night was on two boards with folks talking about the Meadowlands opener - two people complained that any place that lets Rucker back in, they want nothing to do with. There are still people today who have stopped betting that place because of that decision.


Blaine said...

Rucker or no Rucker, Club Med, aka The Meadowlands is the best harness racing in North America. If they only get slots, then all of the competition is battling for 2nd fiddle ad infinidum.

Freddy said...

Sounds very interesting - thanks for the post.


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