Them Swedes Do a Racing Video

At the year end harness awards gala in Sweden they put together this video. I was surprised that there appears to be a horseplayer included; he is seen at about 3:16. Nice set up. :)

Maybe sometimes commenter here Janne will come and tell us how many of these folks speak English. Most did a good job faking it if they could not. Hat tip to Standardbred Canada.


Anonymous said...

Most of the folks in the video speak English. Some of course better than some of the others.

Even the CEO for ATG (who run the gambling on harness racing in Sweden) makes an appearance in the video (at 2:58).

Quite a funny video especially if you know a thing or two about harness racing in Sweden...

Best regards,

Pull the Pocket said...

Hey Janne,

I am wondering..... are there very many handicapping sites/harness bloggers etc in Sweden?


Cangamble said...

Rockstars and trainers always have a drug dealer on speed dial:)

That Blog Guy said...

I love the video! Somehow I am not sure if a video like this would go over in the states; it may be a cultural thing; though I would love to try it. Let race tracks have it to show between races and on their simulcast shows.

Anonymous said...

Grand River did a really cool spoof of M Jackson's "Thriller". They used a bunch of the regular drivers and it it hysterical, it can be accessed through the Grand River website or on YouTube.
I really liked the Swedish video, and it looks like Kelly at Grand River better get going if she is going to keep up to that showpiece!!
Regards, Rebecca

Anonymous said...


There are of course many handicapping sites/blogs in Sweden of varying quality. I would say that at least 99% of them are of course in Swedish. I will let you know if I find good one in English. I would love to find a blog like your one in Sweden but I havent found one like that yet.

If you are interested in Swedish harness racing you can always check out the english version of ATG's site:

It's a "light" version of the Swedish one.

For news and handicapping and are good but they're both in Swedish.



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