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SC did a neat poll from bettors, trainers, fans and industry types on the "Best of the Decade". Some of the choices were obvious, some not so much, but some of the comments made it a good read. The Race of the Decade was the Beach versus Art Official - $1M+, an upset and a 51.4 half makes it a well deserved choice. The horse of the decade also was not too surprising as well.

There was a great post from a sharp fella today at r2 on youtube and racing videos via that medium.

"Is that not just the sort of thing we should all be excited about, and falling all over ourselves to use? Did I mention it’s free? Racing has opportunities to do better with their use of APIs in other areas, such as tote odds, and hopefully, someday even charts and the like, but for now moving race replays over to a web platform that plays nicely with the rest of the web is an overdue development."

WEG's replay channel I see is getting some play. If they can somehow make this a little more interactive they will be in good shape I think.

Last up, some excellent comments on the Harness v. Tbred post. It seems we are losing, mostly due to pool size.

....I do not like betting thoroughbreds, but since I am more than a ten buck bettor......... I have to. Pool size, pool size, pool size. If 20 tracks closed or they did not schedule races on top of races maybe I would bet more on harness racing.....

..... I dont know why the dividends down here are lower than the gallops. Is it the same in the northern hemisphere, do gallops pay more more and if so why? [Post position bias, shorter fields, more obvious winners. Same down there as up here]....

..... Harness with a 7.30 post time gives you to get home have dinner and handicap this 3 to 5 pm post times are useless to me [post times, advantage harness. I agree with this 100%]

...... Will return to harness if .....
Fair start pole: as someone in the above comments stated, the FSP must be moved. Maybe not as drastically as beyond the start, but at least to the actual start line. [agree 100% - with slots paying up to 95% for purses at places, give refunds on breakers before the quarter]

...... Much like some of the other posters, I've found myself dabbling in the T-breds, not because I feel I have an edge, but strictly based on the pool sizes. [when a die-hard player like Lou is 'dabbling in the tbreds' we better get our asses in gear]

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