Talkin' Bout the Horse & Julie Krone on a Champion

We speak of betting and industry issues here a lot, but sometimes is it not just fun to bask in the glow of the horse? Three things today:

First up, little wee horses. Here is a picture of Somebeachsomwhere's first foal. She is a little filly with a great family - her brother is the former fastest horse of all time Jenna's Beach Boy.

Not to be outdone, Deweycheatumnhowe's first one arrived earlier this week.

Last up some awesome video for harness and thoroughbred fans alike. Who will play Julie Krone in an upcoming movie is the question. The answer is..... we're not sure. But we hope that they are good under saddle. I had not seen this video on Youtube before - Julie and the great Moni Maker going for the under saddle world record at the Red Mile. I loved this video. Being so used to watching horses with jocks gallop it was weird to watch - but magical to watch too. How fast is she? How talented to keep her gait like that going that speed? Awesome stuff.

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