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I have seen two topics on chat boards now about John Campbell being washed up. I saw two topics last year at this time saying the same thing. He drives with zero power, with no claiming trainers early in the meet, then when the stakes horses come, he smokes. I noticed last year he had less than 10 wins for the first month or so, only to finish the year with $3.4M in winnings (only at the M). The previous season he did similar. In something like 800 drives he made $3.5M. In contrast, Pierce and Miller made $4M, but drove a couple of hundred more times.

News on Bulletproof's (harness racings leading owner) Jeff Brooks.

"An undercover video showed Jeffrey Brooks removing duffel bags from a safe-deposit box at a London bank. The next day, a person allegedly working for the Brooks brother rented another safe-deposit box, and when police opened the box it contained more than $3.6 million in pounds, euros and U.S. currency in envelopes marked "Jeffrey Brooks Securities."

In a story reported by, an affidavit filed Friday, Jan. 15, alleged Brooks did not report assets in a scheme he named "Czerny Kot," which is Polish for black cat. The affidavit stated Brooks had set up shell companies overseas that hid at least $25 million, used to funnel money through a bank in San Marino.

Business is down and not looking good. Bettors are keeping their cash in their pockets. It is time for (wait for it)........ us to raise prices! California ups their take at Los Al by 2%. That'll fix the problems, I am pretty sure. Interestingly enough, the projections call for revenue to go up by the takeout increase. Yep, it appears those in California think that handle will stay the same when they raise prices. I know someone who owns a hotel. He rents 100 rooms for $100 a night, but business is slow. I will advise him to raise his room rates to $150 and he will make way more money, because he will still rent those same 100 rooms. Business is easy.

Since the ORC stepped in telling both sides to wise up in the harness contract disputes things have been different. Now Northern Ontario has an interim deal to show harness racing while they work out their differences. It is amazing what proactive leadership can do!

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