The Reactor is Coming

Auckland Reactor is coming to the US from New Zealand and he landed in the barn of the very sharp Kelvin Harrison. I don't think many will have to worry about the horse being cared for in that barn, but US racing in general takes a barb from a turf writer: "In the States, with suitable mile racing and who knows what pumping through his system, it would not surprise to see him do something freakish, especially as their aged pacing ranks have little in the way of returning star power."


It will be interesting to see how the colt does over this way. I find it virtually impossible to judge downunder horseflesh. They seem to race a ton of distances and the bike they race in looks a bit like something Henry Ford would build in 1904. Watching him I think he was nowhere near his best in his last couple, and I was impressed with some of his earlier miles (or mile and a halfs or whatever), but I am totally on the fence.

One person who is not on a fence is a blog reader who sometimes calls himself "Northern Ontario Walleye Fisherman" in the comments section. He says, via "A month of silence and the PR department kicks in to overdrive again. Bottom line, best mile win time 153.2. Has lost 4 of his last 9 races his best win 153.3. Finished 6th last time out in a 150.1 mile. As the PR department tells everyone this horse is capable of walking on water so they have decided not to fly to North America he will walk the Pacific landing in Long Beach California."

He must learn not to mince words. Ouch again.

Regardless, this should add some energy to harness racing in the older division in 2010. The 2009 three year crop was anemic, and there are no superstars graduating. Shadow Play is done, Mr. Big long gone to the shed. It will be super-interesting to watch this horse and see if he is good enough. If he is, a sprakling stud career should happen.


Stacky said...

The NZ view which mentions his drop in form and the fact he could become a forgotten hero.

That Blog Guy said...

I am cautiously excited about Auckland Reactor's arrival (anything to add interest is good) but somehow I fear we are seeing the second comng of San Simeon, another Down Under bearcat that turned into a kitty cat when he made it to these shores.

That Blog Guy said...

Just saw the article on Standardbred Canada and I was distressed to read if he has a good year in 2010 he will be retired and stand stud here.

Catch him while you can. Otherwise, you will miss him.

Jules (Harnesslink) said...

Vets just diagnosed a breathing problem which is the possible cause of his recent lackluster results:


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