Will Meadowlands Racing Ever Be the Same?

Alan at his blog goes through the comprehensive report for New Jersey racing which was released this week.

Alan believes the report is a harbinger of the following:

• There will be no VLTs or sports betting at New Jersey race tracks.
• There will be a significant cut in the number of racing days in New Jersey for all breeds.
• Purses will no longer be artificially inflated.
• While not specifically mentioned, the days of racing at Freehold Raceway may be numbered.
• The Hambletonian will be looking for a new home.
• The long term goal is to redevelop the Meadowlands and move all racing to Monmouth Park.


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ITP said...

NJ is in big trouble.

I told one of my trainers I was not buying any NJ breds at the sales this year. He didn't listen to me and had me buy him one. I can't imagine how bad it will be when the subsidies are gone and they are in competition with all of the slot tracks.

They raised the host fee on me this meet. Taking that into consideration, I think a takeout increase is on the horizon.


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