Admirals Express Euthanized

It was announced today that the Grey Gladiator had to be put down. A true throw-back racehorse, the Admiral met the best FFA'ers around and raced year after year at the highest levels. He compiled an incredible record, which other modern racehorses can only stand in awe of. He raced 353 career times, and compiled a record of 86 wins, 53 second-place finishes and 44 thirds. This was good for over $2.1M.

He once held the record for most sub-1:50 miles and he won at 150 or below from ages five through 10. At age 13 he was still going strong, although he understandably lost a step.

In an era where horses do not last he was truly an anachronism. At four he raced (and beat) horses like Dragon Again in a FFA stake. Five years later he was beating Dragon Again's offspring in those same type races.

For old time horsemen and old time fans he reminded them of Governor Skipper, or Bret Hanover or Most Happy Fella - true tough-as-nails standardbreds who would run through a wall for you, then look for another one to run through.

This is a tremendous loss for the harness community.

Here is a video of the great grey, winning an invitation stake at Montreal, at age 10. It was a race he frankly had no business winning and during this race he looked beaten about ten times. Great horses like him might look beat, but they somehow find a way. Edit: You can read comments, including from driver Paul MacDonnell, here.

For a feature on the Admiral via the Score television network, it's below.

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