Huge Weekend of Racing

Sorry for being delinquent (and short in this post) - I have been busy this weekend. I barely got to see any of the races live, but here is a catch-up.

Last night two statements were made in harness racing, by the two top colts, Rock n Roll Heaven and One More Laugh. The former made a much more significant one, however. That was impressive! Full results for the BC elims for night two are here.

Another one (or two I guess) of Zenyatta's main rivals raced yesterday in the Jockey Club Gold Cup, and like so many others this year, failed to perform. The very nice Blame, and the new Dutrow barn pupil Rail Trip both failed to run their best; or maybe they did, depending on how you look at it.

Meanwhile, Zenyatta won again. Ho hum, another routine grade 1, where she was trading a whopping 1.14 at Betfair (no those are not souvenir tickets knocking her down, it's big bettors too). Why is she the only horse on earth that seems to not throw a clunker? I have no idea how she does it, but she does. It is either superior training, luck, a unique freak-of-a-horse, or all three. Regardless, 19 in a row, with I think 12 grade 1's, over three seasons is remarkable.

I caught the race live and noticed the crowd, the pictures being taken, the signs. I knew ESPN was cutting in; I knew it would be a big crowd. But going through Youtube after the race was amazing. There was video after video after video of her; in the PP, in the paddock, after the race, during the race. They were all sent by everyday folks. The Breeders Cup this year will probably be an absolute madhouse.

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