Monday Thoughts

I have been pretty busy of late with work and other things, and I could barely get caught up on the Monday headlines until now (and I am really not even caught up yet), but a few things caught my eye.

..... I have been reading the Zenyatta headlines and I marvel at how much action there is on this mare. She was a hot google search on the weekend and she is sure to make this year's Breeders Cup the most watched ever. I notice Ed talking about a new video produced by the Breeder Cup to promote the event. Get ready for much more of this the coming 34 days.

In our sport, the Crown looks to be a dandy event. The elims were not overly entertaining, I thought, but they never really are. However, I can honestly say I have never seen a horse do what Not Enough did on Saturday. She was rank, see-sawed, the plugs were out before the quarter..... a sure recipe for a 6th by 14. But somehow she won. For video it is here.

There is a handicapping contest for the Finals. You have three chances to gain entry to the National Championship to be held at Georgian Downs. There are also links in the story for all of last weekend's action.

In one of the better poll questions I have seen: "Hypothetically, if it cost $1.2 million to get the Breeders Crown on NBC, would you endorse $100,000 purse cuts from each final?" You can see the results, and/or vote here (it is on the right side of the page.)

Handle figures for the weekend from Pocono, asks Pacing Guy? Anyone have them, because I do not.

In the weird file, Steve Assmussen will not answer questions on Rachel's retirement. Is this some sort of "cone of silence"? Really guys, it's about a horse, not some sort of caramilk secret. We'd ask her, but she only whinnies.

I got a call last week about taking a shot at the Scoop 6 in the UK. We balked. This week it was hit by one person, so I called my UK betting friend asking jokingly if we hit it. He replied "I was going to take one, but the last race was a 35 handicap". I said "what's a 35 handicap?" He said "35 horses".

35 horses in one race? No wonder why we balked again this week!

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