It's Back!!

What has become my fave thoroughbred meet - Keeneland - opens in a half hour.

In thoroughbred racing (and harness) we have seen smaller and smaller fields and smaller and smaller pools. It is very difficult to get excited with some of these racetracks. At Keeneland, however, the fields are huge and so are the pools. In addition, the takeout rate, with 16% WPS and 19% all exotics, is the best in North America.

I should not do this, but..... time to take the afternoon off work!

Good luck if you're playing.


The_Knight_Sky said...


15% WPS and 19% all other exotics

Pull the Pocket said...

Is there an echo? Isn't that what I wrote Knight?


The_Knight_Sky said...


I meant to change that to 16% WPS
as per CanGamble's fabulous Google Map.,-93.867187&spn=66.947093,112.5&t=p&z=3&source=embed

Pull the Pocket said...

Thanks. I figured you were trying to (nicely) state I screwed up. That happens a lot around here :)

I fixed it!


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