Breeders Crown Elimination Night One in the Books

Last evening some of the Breeders Crown elims at Pocono Downs were completed. Tonight there is another set.

A few thoughts while in between some work and play today:

Big Jim is one talented racehorse. He was crooked, running out, and parked virtually the first three quarters. He throws a 27 and change in the third panel and still almost holds on. Is the horse hurting a little, or is it equipment? I have no idea, but he is one fast horse.

Pretty Catharine, the ML fave and good Coleman trainee was "late for retention" and scratched. Wow!

Dejarmbro in the 2YO colt trot looks like the real deal. He got tested last time and torched through a quick three quarters. Often times this results in a trotter coming back a little bit off (which for a trotter means a alot off!), but not him. He scorched a quick first quarter, but the sharp and underrated Jeff Gregory drove him like he owned him from there and gave him a nice trip.

Speaking of driving them like you own them, how many horses were flat-out torched last evening? No wonder some of these times are fast. They are being driven like they are Shark Gesture, not a two year old. It is tough to watch how hard some of today's catch drivers are on their charges. You know who they are.

See You at Peelers, a curious name if I have ever heard one, looks to be the real deal. The fractions were brutal, with Tetrick pulling into a 26.4 second quarter, but this filly came to play. Idyllic won her elim, but I do not think I have seen a horse who is undefeated generate less buzz, or confidence. Players do not believe she is too much I think.

For those horseman group and industry insider types that say "if you have quality you have big handle" they might want to check last night's betting. It was brutal. As well, if some folks think the Meadowlands closing is not a big deal, check that too. Only WEG and the M can generate handle on a BC, or stakes card. It is sad how far our game has fallen. I hope next weekend provides us with a big crowd and some decent handle. If not, we are going to have to see BC tracks offer something big to bettors. Take some of that slot money and go 10% rakes for the BC; or something. We need people to look at our events, and if it is a loss-leader, well so what. There is more to this sport than purses.

Enjoy the racing today and tonight - it's a big day. Zenyatta, the Arc, Blame in the JCGC, another elim night at Pocono, a huge Scoop-six carryover in the UK. There is something for everyone today.

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That Blog Guy said...

Can you tell us what the handle was for the two nights of racing at Poocno?


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