Thursday, January 6, 2011

Big Start to the Meadowlands Meet

Despite a possible storm tomorrow in the NYC area, it looks like it is full-steam ahead for the Meadowlands 2011 harness meet.

We have been used to short fields, but the race office has put a couple of very nice race cards together, which feel a bit more like old times. Friday's card has a plethora of ten horse affairs, and Saturday's is not a whole lot different.

I've been a busy dude for the past couple of days and that will continue, so unfortunately (or fortunately, is more apt), you will get no pearls of wisdom from me :)

Good luck to everyone who is playing. One thing is for sure - 2011, even for a couple of days - looks more like 2005 than 2010. That's a good thing.


Scott said...

excuse my ignorance, I don't follow Nth American harness racing that closely. I thought Meadowlands was supposed to be closing? Change of plan, not yet or ....?

Pull the Pocket said...

They have a reprieve Scott. Another meet is beginning this evening.

Betfair has been reticent to allowing harness (probably because of volume issues) but maybe with Jersey allowing it, and the M's partnership with TVG we might see something for you to have a look at?


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