Sunday, January 9, 2011

Interesting Betting Pattern at Santa Anita

In today's six race at Santa Anita, according to a chat board or two (and now the drf), there was some funny wagering patterns. So, I had a gander at them.

The 4 horse "Bad Boy" was 1-9 for a lot of the betting. At about two minutes to post, it appears some money left the pool.

There was $77,606 at three minutes to post in the win pool, then there was $75,680 at two minutes to post.

The winner dropped from 8-1 at five minutes to post to 3-1 final. The second place horse moved from 13-1 to 5-1 over the same time period. "Bad Boy" closed at 9-5 and did not hit the board.

At an offshore exchange, it appears there were no weird patterns, so it seems this was all pari-mutuelly fuelled, possibly by one bettor canceling ticket(s).

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