Saturday, January 22, 2011

I Always Respect the Blogosphere

"You never know who you could be reading". That is the way I handle reading blogs of all stripes, twitter, chat boards and Facebook comments, and that is the way I handle the new social media as a rule.

There are blogs out there for example, that are filled with awesome information, from people who are passionate about things. You do not have a long-running blog if you are not passionate about some topics, and there is a very good chance you will get info that is not only worthwhile, but educating.

As I mentioned, just yesterday tech bloggers (who are very sharp at times) absolutely killed analysts who get $100k+ salaries on their Apple quarterly predictions. These folks, in their spare time, almost hit IPAD sales, and revenue figures to the number, while the "pros" faltered. I don't know some of these people's names and I could not care less. What they say matters.

We have all heard dozens of stories like that. Anonymous people with strong opinion.

Sometimes, too, you never know who you are dealing with.

I remember reading a chat board awhile back where a person posted about Zenyatta. He said something nice about her place in history and that his performance figs show her to be as good or better than "x". He made a strong case and you knew reading it, he was a player. Regardless, he was immediately flamed and asked "if he sleeps with a pink hat on". I know the person who wrote the opinion. I would estimate he has pulled out seven figures betting racing the last four years. I can not confirm or deny if he sleeps with a pink hat on, but I do know he is worth listening to.

I have been burned trying to make a judgment on someone based on obfuscatory or tangential criteria. I now only read the message, and make judgment from that. Anonymity, or not knowing the persons name does not bother me in the least, when they are sharing an opinion. It's the opinion that matters.

I notice this morning, Cangamble, wrote about the Steve Crist article at the DRF. He makes some valid points and he is no dummy. Just because Steve Crist is Steve Crist it does not mean someone can not make valid points about something he writes and share it, positively or negatively. This is not China where someone with an opinion has his IP blocked. The opinion Cangamble writes this morning will stand or fail on its merits, and it has nothing to do with the person behind the keyboard. Nor should it have anything to do with the target of the opinion.

There are many people I read who I know are "experts" and that is cool, because I like reading people who tend to know their stuff. But there are many people I also read who I don't have the foggiest what their name is, or even what country they are from. They know their stuff too, if you simply take a minute to read it.

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Matt Alhaarth said...

A very good point, well made. You clearly know your stuff too.

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