Friday, January 21, 2011

Charlie Seems Excited

Charlie's first foray into harness racing seems to be going well. The 30 year old thoroughbred player, and board member of the Horseplayers Association of North America, has never been involved with ownership of the hoppled ones before, but he took the jump with some shares in the Bourbon Slush stable. They have three in training with Lindy Farms' head trainer Frank Antonacci in sunny Florida.

Frank has been using social media for the most part to keep the stable updated and Charlie forwarded along this week's update.

It looks like the two pacers are doing well - going around 2:40 and having a nice break. The trotter is in 2:51 and progressing it seems. Those three horses seem to be right on track. We know how tough it is with yearlings (in both sports) and things can change quickly, but so far it looks like things are good.

In addition to a Facebook page (you can see it here), Frank is also giving some video updates, interviewing the people involved. I find this really important, especially to new owners. I personally love the people involved in the business - their stories, the care they give the horses etc. When you own a horse you are part of a team, and when you win a race everyone is happy. It is nice Frank is adding the team aspect from day one.

For a look at one of the yearlings, and an interview with his groom, take a look below. Well done folks!!

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