Sunday, January 30, 2011

NASCAR or a Horse Race?

The yearly Prix D'Amerique in France is always an absolute joy to watch. The stands are packed and the racing - which looks more like a stacked-turn NASCAR race than a horse race - is top-notch.

Deep fields with 15 or more runners has been tried at times here, but only as a novelty. Clearly the way we do things, and our fan base which does not take to change very well, is not conducive to this type of racing. However, there is no denying that it is interesting, and does offer up some amazing betting opportunities to punters. Could you imagine a quadrafecta at 20 cents in this field? You might be able (if we had pool size of course) to make a life changing score.

I watched a little bit of the betting on Betfair, and despite not being offered in France there was a little bit of action. This race, and races like this can be a huge promotional vehicle for exchange wagering, especially in-running. Once again, critical mass is needed, but Rome was not built in a day.

Over here 9 horse fields at a mile are catch-me-if-you-can affairs most times as this is a speed game. There is no denying that for sure, but there is a compelling argument about changing things up from time to time. I can't watch a race like today's below and think otherwise. Very, very cool.


Scott said...

glad you mentioned this race, I'd completely forgotten that it was on today. Very keen to see it one year while I'm based in Europe, unfortunately this year I was swamped with stuff it slipped my mind. Next year....

That Blog Guy said...

I watched this race and when I see it, I can't believe what we have done to this sport in North America.

Could you imagine this race on television in the US. People would be like Kentucky Derby what?

Pull the Pocket said...

There was not a lot of action late on BF Scott, but in the 8th there was a dude wanting $500 or so on the chalk who took the lead. She looked like she could be beaten and at 1.50 I could see someone taking some. She then broke stride after going fumbly. Nice lay for someone there.


I don't know about that, but it sure is an interesting race.


Scott said...

wouldn't expect much action on Betfair. Harness racing is almost non-existent in the UK, so no pics here at all. Apart from a few Europeans eg Scandinavia, there wouldn't have been many getting involved. Had it been within a key Betfair market, then it would be big turnover. PMU figures would have been huge.

walleye willy said...

It is a horror to try to find a feed to these races unless you have a betting account .HPI had it why not SC? Meadowlands had it try to find it impossible. Go try find a live feed from Vincennes. Lots of sites offer but you have open an account.Lucky for me I,m fluent in 37 languages and can dig up just about anything. Why don't these tracks make it easy they might get some new fans.

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