Monday, January 17, 2011

What Are We Going to Do Now?

With Big Z winning the horse of the year, it ends a chapter lasting a couple of years where arguing about the mare and her rivals (some of it pretty nuts) ruled the roost. It got me thinking, what in the heck will we talk about now?

Here are a few items I think - no I know - will be happening in the next while.

Blame and Zenyatta will be entrusted to paint Moneigh's for horse charities. Someone on twitter will complain about Zenyatta's minimalist style, and say the Horse of the Year vote was a huge mistake.

It will be said someplace somewhere, that "Synchronicity" was a much better album than "Zenyatta-Mondatta" and it will be related to tonight's vote. Do Do Do Do Da Da Da Da was on the latter, so these folks might have a point.

DRF Headline: Zenyatta might have 60,000 friends on Facebook, but Blame got Steve Crist's vote. Take that!

Zenyatta won Horse of the Year, or did she? Jessie Ventura goes in depth on Conspiracy Theory.

A psychology paper will be submitted at Fordam at some point this semester titled: "Did Seth Hancock look unhappy because his horse lost, or because he always looks unhappy?"

Ray Paulick is going to write a feel-good article about Zenyatta's win being a big thumbs up for California's takeout increase.

Someone who sells speed figures will say the horse of the year result ends "a sad chapter for horse racing"

Someone will post on a chat board that the voters are dumb, and someone else will point out that last year he posted that the same voters were smart.

Uncle Mo will win his first start by seven widening lengths, and we'll be on to something else.

That last one sounds good to me. I hope everyone enjoyed the evening!

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That Blog Guy said...

Yes, there are a few of those people who have self-interests but at least in thoroughbred racing people have been debating about it; even people who are casual horseplayers.

When it comes to harness racing, unless you are a breeder, very few people would even engage in a debate.

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