Chantal Sutherland's Website, Where's the Love?

Jock Chantel Sutherland has created a new website, apparently launched this week. It's a self-promotional venture that is a little racy, and certainly out of the mainstream as far as racing is concerned.

I have been scanning a few comments across the interwebs, and we see things like "yawn" or "is she serious" about this venture. Holy smokes, it's like she whipped a horse with a steel rod or something.

Scanning twitter and other avenues we often hear tons of complaints that our participants are not mainstream - that they are not doing what others do to promote our sport. Now we have one that does.

Lady Gaga has become a brand, doing what she does best.

"In an interview last winter, Lady Gaga recalled her anguish at being ignored as she performed at a bar filled with drunken NYU students. No one paid the slightest attention to her until, fed up, she decided to strip down to her lingerie. "I started playing in my underwear at the piano and I remember everyone was all of a sudden like 'Whoa!' And I said, 'Yeah, you're looking at me now, huh?'

Katy Perry, another who has a fine marketing brand behind her, has become a superstar.

Good for Chantel Sutherland. She's doing what many other people have; with some success. Racing can use some, that's for sure.

Notes: Randy Waples' television pilot on the backside of harness racing has been completed. The tease will be viewable on SC next week. Read more here.

1 comment:

Rhonda Lane said...

This new website isn't nearly as racy as the last one, which prominently featured a photo of her riding nude except for her boots and helmet.


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