Plainridge Tries, Kinda, To Make a Statement

Plainridge Racecourse has decided to lower rake to 15% this meet. That's good news for bettors. However, it comes with a mixed message. The President is charging an 8% signal fee, and takes an odd shot at resellers:

In addition, the live Plainridge signal will be sold at the nominal fee of 1 percent to all racetracks offering live racing, including outlets which they own or control. Independent outlets and tracks with no live racing will be charged 8 percent. To bolster purses, the horsemen's purse account at Plainridge will receive half of those fees.

"We are tired of 8x10 offices equipped with just a phone line and computer pillaging horsemen and racetrack revenues," said Plainridge President Gary Piontkowski, adding, "It is time someone stood up to these fly by night operators who are making millions on the backs of horsemen's and racetrack operations."

The above statement (along with the simple fact some ADW's will probably not even take the signal with such tight margins; contrary to populist drivel, it costs money to run and market an ADW) makes me think this will not work out very well for Plainridge. To catch a fish, you need bait, or at the very least dip the lure into a lake that has fish in it.

Notes: Gural calls for horsemen to enter the M this weekend, because it could be the last weekend there, maybe ever.

Auckland Reactor, who has not looked very good for a long time now, is out of the Inter-Dominions.

The Factor is the now horse. The press is all over him. Watching the race again, I like the way Sway Away raced. He is the opposite of the now horse.

Reality Check. Indeed.

I didn't know you were involved with Thorofan Equispace? Good on ya!

Subtle post, with a lot of substance.

Top Ten Reasons Gural is good for the M.


The_Knight_Sky said...

Thanks for the plug PTP.

As for this being the final week of racing that may not be entirely true. Grand Circuit week/Hambo Day is still slated to go on as of now.

April may stop live harness racing at the facility but simulcasting business is not supposed to be affected during the Triple Crown season (a very lucrative one for the NJSEA).

And yeah.
Sock it to 'em Plainridge!

Jessica said...

Interesting move for Plainridge, reducing takeout. Locally, I wonder if it will help keep (or grab) bettors who might play from Suffolk Downs. All the same tracks, plus live takeout 4 to 11 percentage points lower? I can see Massachusetts players choosing to make the drive to Plainridge instead of East Boston.

Norm said...

Good jobby Plainridge, I nice track not far from Gillette stadium.
By the look of David Browers FB status the final weekend at the Meadowlands is not looking good...Horsemen cannot or will not put their present greed on hold to secure the industries future.
Truly a sad week in harness racing.

Anonymous said...

Jessica, Suffolk Downs has taken the Plainridge signal for years. Are you saying that the low takeout, combined with the statutory payments will keep them from taking it this year?


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