Saturday Notes

Jeff Gural was interviewed last night on the M pre-game show; it's linked below. Some highlights:
  • It looks like he has the amount of capital he is looking for
  • The Unions (he mentioned tellers) have not returned calls. He needs them on board.
  • He is looking to Cantor Gaming to revitalize some wagers/wagering
  • It looks like he might be wanting to bring rebated players to his platform
  • He wants to schedule meets properly in the future.
  • He wants a Championship 45 day meet in the summer (long overdue)
Dubai's card is a good one, and it is going on today. If you are looking to mess around, HRF/360 has analysis and  Dick Powell has his selections up.

Bill Finley interviews @obvern about harness betting and thoroughbred betting.The lower mins and higher takeout killed his buzz for harness racing at WEG.

"The best example: two bets I used to like a lot were the Pick 4 and superfectas. Two things killed me with those two bets, particularly. Woodbine, about four or five years ago, raised their takeout significantly on the Pick 4. I am one of these guys who likes to analyze things and I would religiously track what kind of bets were showing a positive ROI for me. The Pick 4, for me, was slightly positive. When they raised the takeout it took me from a positive ROI to a negative ROI. That really annoyed me. With superfectas, the problem arose when they started letting people bet 10 cents or 20 cents on it. That just killed me. I am not a chalk bettor. I go for value and I used to be good at finding value in superfectas."

Bethanny Frankel has 459.434 followers on twitter. The horse Frankel has about none. I find this disturbing. If there is a new World order and you elect me and Sid Fernando co-Kings, we are going to reverse this trend.

RCI talks exchange wagering. The good part, it was a sensible conversation.

Who is Cantor Gaming? VFTRG explains. Bettor Inside the Pylons, who usually has his pulse on this issue, has relayed that Cantor has not had a very good rep so far in Vegas gambling circles.

It's a start! Woodbine drops tri takeout 2%.

Nice page! The USTA has a schedule up of all the harness tracks participating in their guaranteed pool program. 

Tweet from yesterday via Greg Blanchard: "There are 21 tracks going off at the same time. Too much product"

Here is the full Gural video and enjoy your Saturday folks!

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