On and Off-Track Weekend Action

TOC versus CTT - Battle Royale

The Executive Director of the California Thoroughbred Trainers, who are looking for a toehold in that states racing power structure, fired a major bullet yesterday. On the Business of Racing Blog, Allan Balch talked takeout, and it is a 180 degree different discussion that has been preached by the TOC. It looks to me that the CTT wants player support and to talk seriously about arguably the most important issue in terms of handles - pricing.

One thing that comes out of a sophisticated discussion (which takeout in racing sorely needs) like this, is that people like Caroline Betts are urged to comment. If you read the Paulick Report this morning you see the elevation of the chatter. It's a good thing.

Spring Forward

The clocks have moved ahead, in case you did not know. It struck me: How did we ever get every village, state, city, church, mosque, country, government and citizen to change their clocks one hour, but getting Magna tracks to report exacta probables in $2 increments like every other track is like curing a disease?

Layers are crying Uncle with this colt
Uncle Mo Takes a Stroll

Uncle Mo was superb yesterday in his first Kentucky Derby prep, covering the mile in a decent time, with a nice last quarter (and 89 Beyer by the looks of it). His last three panels showed some fitness and his ability to separate was on display. We're not talking a great field or a tough test here, but for some out there who thought the easy schedule and somewhat of a delay was foreshadowing a problem, it was game set and match Mo.

He is now trading at 5-2 at Betfair and the trend lines are about as expected.

Some of us have little faith in Pletcher for a Triple Crown run, and we all watched Eskendreya win a laugher in the Wood last season and then retire, but right now it looks like every other owner in the Derby hunt is in a heap of trouble.

Harness Racing Update is Kicking Some Butt

Bill Finley's Harness Racing Update is doing some good things. Saturday he had a chat with Seth Rosenfeld about betting harness, versus the runners. Today, Andrew Cohen chimes in on the HANA Harness Survey.


It's official, Axelrod beat Faraldo for the USTA chairmanship. According to Allan, the President might have been reviewed as well.

More View

Cal Expo is kicking some butt on its Pick 4. I believe they had the option of hiking rakes as well. Instead, they dropped them on the Pick 4 - it is about 33% below Los Al's or Golden Gate's. There's some buzz happening at this track.

Waxman is Convicted

Sad Day

Get Out of Dodge, the classy son of Artiscape had to be destroyed this weekend, due to the same injury that befell Barbaro.

Norm is 999,990 followers Away from Charlie Sheen

Norm has 10 followers now. We're starting to roll.

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