Tuesday Stuff

Uncle Mo can run pretty fast, it looks like he can rate, and most of all: Mo-knows HTML and Flash!

CTT, TOC, CHRB and now CTHA. That seems to spell KAOS. It is nice to see this new owners group gives some props to the chipmunks, though, as item nine talks about the players boycott.

Dog likes Salvi's Twitter page
Nick Salvi, racing insider, facebook junkie, world-traveler etc etc, has joined up on twitter and began twinkying last night. You can follow him here.

Twitter is making more and more headlines across the world of late. We have seen it in full force in Egypt, we had Charlie Sheen's one-million followers in less than 24 hours, harness racings number one fan Norm F 66 joined, now Salvi. It's catching on.

Frank Calabrese says he is not going to Arlington Park this meet to claim horses for 20k, do a pile of vet work, run them for 10k and win at something like an 82% hit rate, mostly at 1-5 odds. It's because "he can't make money in Chicago".

"Leaders Call for Phase-Out of Drugs". It seems like a pretty tough thing to do, especially in a business that works together like oil and water. I wonder what thoroughbred trainers would do without lasix. It's some sort of ritual. Regardless, legal drugs I have never even considered much of a problem. It's the really bad guys out there who are using undetectable stuff that's the problem. Even when we catch them, often times they are let back in, going right on with their business.

Free PP's and other stuff for the USTA's Strategic Wagering Pick 4's. Very nice.

I took my election poll last night, just to see where I was on the spectrum. I am fiscally conservative. Seeing that on this blog I use the phrase "roi" for about every decision I make, that bit of breaking news is about as shocking as a Frank Calabrese win at Arlington.

I answered a phone survey yesterday as well. I used to be a phone surveyor for cash when I went to University, so I answer them because I know that job sucks. It was a survey about the Ontario Lottery and Gaming folks. They wanted to know how I felt about gambling, if there is a gambling problem due to all the casino's etc etc. I think the OLG is worried about their image with a couple of the scandals, where heads rolled.

That's about all for my silly blog today. Have a good Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

nothing about the Allard situation?

Pull the Pocket said...

Good question. I completely forgot about it. It was one of the items I meant to chat about and link three times this weekend.



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