It's Probably Time Enough

Finley writes in HRU today (pdf), regarding banished-from-racing Walter Case Jr. 
  • On the surface, Case, who has also had numerous problems with substance abuse, is not exactly a nice guy. And I am not interested in scrathing beneath the surface or examining whatever demons might have made him so troubled. I just don't see what any of that has to do with his right to drive a standardbred race horse and the right of an owner or trainer to hire him to do so.
The more I think about this question, the flimsier and flimsier the excuses to keep him out of racing are. I can simply find little behind the arguments against him, and they tend to fall back on a catch-all "we don't need people like that in racing".

Those arguments bother me.

This is a sport that does not even ban trainers for life if they are criminally convicted of animal abuse. Why ban a driver who served his time? 


You have said for so long in comments and elsewhere here on the blog that our stakes races in North America tend to be snorefests. In Saturday's Harness Racing Update this was explored (page three).

Chuck's Back

Not long ago Caroline Betts and I were speaking on twitter about her garage sale for her horse rescue where she had nothing major for sale including "a helicopter flight manual". I jokingly proposed she say the manual was owned by Chuck Yeager and the price would skyrocket. Not soon after Chuck Yeager was in our twitter stream, mentioning he never owned a flight manual. Very funny. Well, he's back. She is currently running an Ebay auction and I asked (because the price of one item is through the roof) if Chuck Yeager ever owned that piece. ten minutes later, there's Chuck asking "what did I own?"

You Don't See Closes Like This on a 5/8ths too Often

Anyone catch the Western Canadian Pacing Derby from Northlands yesterday? I could not believe that horse got up. What a nice stretch drive. Video here.

Hottest Horse in Harness Racing?

Sparky Mark

Thoroughbred Punters Think.....

I chatted with some of my thoroughbred betting friends yesterday about harness racing (they don't play it and almost never watch). Each one said they found it too chalky. I think we'll explore that question for an article soon. If you are a thoroughbred bettor who doesn't touch harness, let me know.

Have a great Sunday. I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

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