My Email Christmas Wishes

Merry Christmas
I thought I would share some of my email and twitter greetings from people in racing this Christmas, along with a few others. I hope they don't mind.

Here we go!!!

"Happy Holidays to all the folks in California racing who get along - all three of you" - Keith Brackpool

"Happy Holidays and Happy New Year. We're happy with our 2011 for two reasons - we had a 9% increase in handle, and that PTP dude stopped yelling at us for awhile when we dropped takeout" - Jamie Martin, Woodbine Entertainment 

"I bought Dancer for $1.2 million yesterday. If he's not the favorite to hit the chimney first, I am gonna make him the favorite!" - Mike Repole


"I was going to write a nice Christmas story on this card, but I can only type 140 characters or less" - Sid Fernando

"What Sid said" - Ed DeRosa

"I'd like to wish seasons greetings to PTP for alerting me that Ray Paulick was impersonating me in various restaurants in the Lexington, Kentucky area. He's my new stunt double." - Kevin Bacon

"Even though I find PTP to be totally annoying, I want to wish him a Merry Christmas for getting me the Bacon gig" - Ray Paulick
"A Happy Holidays to all our customers. For those of you who hit exotics since last September, we'll be sending this message out about 8 million more times" - NYRA

"We wish you a Merry Christmas and sincerely hope the revision on withholding gets stalled for another decade" - The IRS to horseplayers

"I love Christmas! When I was at home last night I ran a regression and came up with a wonderfully festive econometric model!" - So Cal Thoroughbred Rescue head, and Economics prof Caroline Betts

"Chickenhead, chickenhead, chickenhead. I can't stop saying Chickenhead. Happy Holidays!" - Thoroughbred Times Frank Angst

"We'd like to give a Happy Holiday shout-out to the weatherman in New Jersey on Breeders Crown day" - Ron Pierce and Luc Ouellette

"We wish a happy holiday to everyone except those five guys on Twitter who noticed we were watching a football game"  - Breeders Cup Stewards

"Merry Christmas and thanks for taking some of my money in 2011. You do realize you're only keeping it warm, don't you?" Slots to racing

"I'll be drunk dialing you Christmas greetings in a few hours after my date with the chick from the Calder Pick 5 commercials" - Kegasus

"For any Christmas messages, I refer all my fans to @notthetoddster ." Todd Pletcher

"I'm having a good Christmas season. My family likes me and I won the "Scapegoat of the Year Award" for horse racing. Life's good." - John Veitch

"We're sending this by email this year to some of you, instead of in-person, because we upped admission to the Christmas party and fewer people showed up. We're stumped why this happened and will be forming a committee in the New Year to look into it" - TOC
C'mon, you know I couldn't leave out the California takeout hike  :)

It's times like this each year that I am appreciative of everything positive that horse racing offers me.

I want to thank everyone for reading and commenting on this blog, and a give a special thank you for taking things like the nonsense above with such good humor.

From my family to yours, have a very Merry Christmas



Ray Paulick said...

You really should stick to comedy.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas P!


ps - Ray posted a comment.... you must be getting to him :)

Tinky said...

Thank you for your thoughtful contributions, Dean.

Happy Holidays!

Ray Paulick said...

On a side note: is that a picture of Cloverdale?

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas PTP!

Here's what my Christmas cards say: "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! You'll be happy to know that all my Christmas cards are made from 100% rescued paper!" :)

See you in 2012!

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