That Felt Like More Than Just a Prep Day

To heck with Daytona, we had a fun Fountain of Youth.

Yes, it's early and yes he may have not beaten world beaters, and yes there are naysayers out like there are for every prep, but Union Rags was asked the question and he answered.

He wintered well. Darn well.

Mike Welsch in the DRF asks "what can Union Rags really do?". We don't know, but if today was any indication, it'll be fun to find out.

I am fairly sold on him. He has a trainer that knows what he's doing - knows that you don't leave it all on the track in February - and he seems really sound. He also looked fresh at the wire; like he wanted to keep racing. That's never a bad sign.

Anyway, twitter exploded, Larry Collmus exploded and the racing world found a horse to latch onto for a little while this afternoon.

Life seems pretty good.

For full links, twitter reaction and all the rest, check the Goatzapper. They had the new-media type links up fast today.

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