Someday We'll Look Back & Cringe

For horse lovers, the recent headline in the Toronto Star about a bistro bringing horsemeat back to the menu, was cringeworthy.

Sometimes things make no sense. In America where "all men are created equal", there was slavery and separate water fountains. Women, apparently because being born with a different chromosome made them unable to walk to a polling station, could not vote in our country. When we look back at it, it's embarrassing that any sane person could've thought that way.

Horses are much more than just domesticated animals. They've helped us settle our respective nations. They fought side by side with us in wars against oppression. They were a means of transport when we had none. They delivered mail, worked fields so we could eat, and became our friends. They are not, nor have they ever been considered a non-domesticated food source like a cow or pig.
  • Who knows what the world would be like today were it not for the existence and domestication of the horse? Our partner for centuries, perhaps no other animal has served man in so many diverse ways, nor suffered so dearly for it.
Eating our friends in a civilized country like ours, who have given us and World History so much, and asked for so little? They should be on a postage stamp, not a dinner plate.

One day, I'm convinced, we'll look back and cringe.

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