The Worm Turns on HBO's Luck?

We spoke a week or two ago that we thought the almost universal praise of HBO's Luck might see a 360. The show is not sunshine and lollipops and it does not praise our sport in a feel-good way. It doesn't "feel" like a commercial for the sport, like some people thought it may.

Last week we had Cot Campbell question it, and I received a letter to the editor on my thoughts on the series, politely saying I was nuts (I think it can do big things for racing). On twitter and elsewhere there has been some percolating anti-Luck thoughts from various quarters.

And, as we can see with this, for some it's coming full circle.

I think we see that often, and it filters right down to the way we market the sport. We love it, so everyone should, so we want to market and talk about what we like. This phenomenon is not just for racing, it's for many other sports and vocations that people love and are passionate about.

It rarely works, however, because marketing what existing fans like only markets to ourselves.

I for one will be giving Luck some time. My money is still on the positive side for the show, but maybe I am growing into the minority from the majority.

#luckchat happens Monday's at 9 on twitter for fans of the show


Unknown said...

Full circle would be a 360, not a 180.

Pull the Pocket said...

Thank goodness someone knows geometry.

Thanks Ed.


SaratogaSpa said...

Vic put up a tweet with no supporting data. Did he take a poll? a scientific survery? Where is he getting his data from?? Very weak on Vic's part

Anonymous said...

All you have to do to find the negative comments about "Luck" is look at HBO's own website. The comments about each episode are predominantly negative. Or do a Google search about "Luck" and read any of the many news articles about the show and the public comments following each article. The negative comments far outweigh the positive.


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