Jersey Time!

The exchange wagering meetings went on today in California, and it looks like exchange wagering is finished in California.

There are too many factions to please, too many cooks in the kitchen, and just like most things in California racing, it gets stuck in a bog, and the status quo rules.

The horsemen group (not shocking, I know): Against it

Scott Daruty, protecting the Stronach slice: Against it

So, I think it's Jersey Time. If New Jersey wants to attract some new bettors, and bring a new way of playing the races to the Garden State, and elsewhere, they now have a shot to be first; and first gives you a tremendous advantage.

Run with it Jersey boys and girls - it's 2012, not 1912. California's dysfunction is giving you a huge gift. Take it.

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That Blog Guy said...

I know this is the runners and not the standardbreds, but like the USTA's Zelinski Report said. Racing has basically not changed since the 1950's.

A perfect example.

Any conversation in Canada about it?


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