The Good Old Fashioned Odds Board

Last evening Black Caviar went 19 for 19 in another sparkling effort. She paid about $2.40 to win.

Earlier in the week, paper after paper and capper after capper downunder were going on about her being beatable; that only 1 out of 140 horses turned back like this off a weeks rest and won, and on and on.

The funny thing was: She was about 15 cents on the dollar.

Top last out Beyer, top bris fig, weighted fig, dropping in claiming price by half, and virtually any other figure or angle can be predictive, but there is nothing that tells the tale like the odds board. It's been that way since the beginning of time, and has lasted through no past performances, and no workout information or qualifying info, right through to the super computer and database age. It's something that has always fascinated me as a bettor.

Goat has all the links today, including a replay.

Have a good Saturday everyone.

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