Things You Won't Hear Said in Dubai

The Dubai World Cup card is ready to kick off. Here are some things you won't hear said at the races today......

"These short fields are killing this sport"

"I'm going to have to raise the price of oil to get these purses up"

"The casino side has to clean the floors, this place is a dump"

"What did the superfecta pay in the third?"

"We apologize to all our fans in Qatar who cannot watch the races. The horsemen group has not signed off on the simulcast agreement"

"I hate arriving early for a lasix shot"

"Jamie Ness has way too much chalk in today"

"We're concerned the races are on betfair, allowing our European friends an enjoyable betting day.  Someone might bet a horse to lose."

"An asterisk should be placed beside all the winners names. We're running on plastic"

"Pletcher might sweep the card"

"I can't handicap these races, knowing there aren't raceday meds being used."

"Horse racing is dead"

Enjoy the races everyone.

Note: Tomorrow at midnight, although the slots will keep turning, 20% of the revenues don't for horse racing. Harness Racing Update has coverage from Perry Lefko, Bill Finley and an interview with Eric Poteck (pdf).

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Jerod Dinkin said...

Hey Dean, good points here....

Many of the issues in our sport today revolve around the unintended byproduct of democracy. Many people favor less centralized power and more localized. This is terrible for horse racing as it results in different rules, regulations, and ways of doing business in each state. Certainly, setting the rules is pretty easy in Dubai with a constitutional monarchy with an ultra modern infrastructure built in large part by what amounts to slave labor. Ideally, we need some centralized authority to make things better, but I'm damn glad we're not Dubai, quality and interest of racing aside.


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