The Horse Racing Supply Chain

Horse racing, like any other business, has a hierarchy.
  • Customers bet, which supplies purses
  • A purse is offered, which supplies horse owners
  • Horse owners need someone to care of their horse, which supplies trainers
  • Trainers need help, so they supply grooms and vets
Customers allow for horse owners, trainers, grooms, and vets to exist.

In horse racing, it's curious that this supply chain is challenged with spurious statements like "without someone to train a horse there would be no horse racing"

However, for its truth one has to look no further than Ontario and its problems. Today, John Wilkinson said, (almost befuddled he had to say it):

“No consumers, no bettors, no industry".

The industry better take heed, and press releases like this need some serious rewording. 

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