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Here's a post, because you know what they say, #yolo.....

Alan over at LATG let Joe Drape and the New York Times have it today in a post.  For those of you who read the Times, you know they are an agenda driven newspaper. If you're a fiscal conservative, for example, reading their editorials is impossible because they might as well be written in Swahili. Are they agenda driven on horse racing? I think it's fair to say that they are. But in both cases, it does not mean everything they write is wrong, or untrue. Regardless, Drape and the Times continues, and will continue to cause great debate in horse racing. The way I look at it, debate is good, because debate forces change.

Casie Coleman got a set of positives according to Harnessracing.com .  She recently served as suspension, so I believe this set is during her appeal, which will cause her some issues, I suspect.

Yesterday's tweet of the day for me came from Jerod.
Loved it.

Scott over at One Horse Stable looked at today's tools of the betting trade, and compared them to what Tom Ainslie noted in his seminal work The Complete Guide to Thoroughbred (And Harness) Racing.

Cronley looks at longshots today in ESPN. It truly is a different mindset. The quest to be right must be offset in a longshot players mind, and it is hard to do for some. I've bet hundreds of longshots who came last. They tend to do that, and when you see it, you wonder if you are doing something wrong. Only long term statistics will tell you if you are doing something right or wrong, not one event.

If I told you here's a horse off one year, that was recently purchased for $1,200, had one slow work only, and on paper he or she looks like a turf horse that wants to go long, and is in today at 5.5f on the dirt, you'd probably say "there's a longshot". This happened yesterday at Mountaineer in the second race, and the horse was even money. She ran 4th.

Speaking of the Mountain, I wrote a few days ago about ten cent bets diluting payoffs when longshots come in. At the Mountain there are 50 cent supers, not ten cent supers. With deep fields and some interesting longshots to play, the Mountain provides you with a chance to make a score. Several supers that were hittable yesterday paid really well.

Racedays down, purses down, handle down in February. Not overly good news, no matter how you want to slice and dice it.

Yesterday I saw the hashtag #yolo. I searched twitter and saw it being used over and over again, but I still could not figure out what it means. This is why, if you are over 35, you get great use of the Urban Dictionary.
  • Abbreviation for: you only live once
    The dumbass's excuse for something stupid that they did
    Also one of the most annoying abbreviations ever....
    Guy 1: "Hey i heard u got that girl pregnant"
    Dumbass 1: " Ya man but hey YOLO"
If you didn't know, now you know.

Have a great day everybody.

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