Turfway's Big Day

One of the tracks I enjoy playing is Turfway Park. I like the surface and at times the deeper fields provide with some good payoffs. Their pick 4 is good value for casual players, because their payoffs are high, with a very low takeout.

Today is their signature day - headlined by the Spiral Stakes, which looks like a handicapping juggernaut.

For those playing today, here are some notes:

The inside is a little less effective than mid to outer:

The track has been speed friendly:

However, if the pace is fast, the closers can close. We might see this in a couple of the deep field races today.

In the Spiral I think  My Name Is Michael may be worth it if the odds comply. Others I will use, who are long, are Giant Finish and Black Onyx. The first two have run good figs already on the poly and the latter is improving. All should be some odds.

In the last leg of the pick 5 Cup of Joy is a top fig horse who is 8-1 morning line. El Gran Sol has a step up trainer who can shock at anytime.

I'll go deep in the 8th, just because everyone seems so enamored with Crop Report.

In the 9th, you're looking at a key or a spread I guess. For the spread I am intrigued with Martha's Moon and Awesome Mama. In a lesser way I will use Corporate Culture.

Enjoy your day today everyone, and good luck at the windows.


kyle said...

Only looked at the stakes from Turfway. Thought if anybody could upset Pure Fun it would be Street of Gold. Ran well sans lasix to start career then flopped on dirt and a funky FG's turf course before romping at Turfway last out. In The Rushaway thought Miller's horse returning to site of big maiden score was the danger to Crop Report. In The Spiral I'll use mostly Black Onyx and Taken by the Storm, who you may have overlooked as he fits the profiles and has run well on poly, with a little by of Balance The Books.

Pull the Pocket said...

Nice work Kyle, let's see if we can get some of those across!

kyle said...

UGH. At least 15-1 was generous. I didn't hit anything else, though. How about you?

Anonymous said...

Nice job on the Spiral (both of you)

Pull the Pocket said...

Geez Kyle you got 1st and 4th. I thought for sure you shot and scored since the chalk was second. :(

I did alright.

Anyhow, nice job.

And thanks Anon.



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