Driver Unhappy..... With Following the Rules of Racing?

Harnesslink reported today that a driver who was fined for breaking the rules of racing didn't seem to like it much. 
  •  Before the start of the Delaware State Fair on Sunday, the Little Brown Jug, in a letter, re-issued the OSRC rulings in the race paddock that state: Penalties Mandated by the Ohio State Racing Commission.. No Excessive whipping; Whip cannot go behind the shoulders; No whipping below the shafts; No excessive laying back in the sulky; No kicking—feet must remain in the stirrups unless pulling the plugs.
That's fairly straightforward one can think. You can't kick a horse, whip the stifles where it cuts them, or in the genetalia, which is well, flat out cruel. All are against the rules.

  •  The problems began on Sunday when driver Ronnie Wrenn, Jr. was fined for taking his foot out of the stirrups multiple times during the race card. He was not kicking or touching the horse but there are times when your foot does split out.It was reported that when Wrenn, Jr. found out that he was fined and how much it was, he promptly told race officials to take him off all his drives at the Delaware State Fair.
Do the words "cry me a river" come to mind?

If you are alerted to the rules, alerted to the fact that they will be called and still break them, you only have yourself to blame.

It's like being alerted that there's a speed trap ahead, blazing through it doing 85, and being pissed off that a cop gave you a ticket.

It's time for harness racing to clean house. Racing is a privilege, not a right. If you don't like the rules, don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.


Anonymous said...

It shocks me that drivers want an edge to make more money, without caring about the sport, the rules, or the horses they drive.

Unknown said...

David Miller's left foot was never in the stirrup from top of teh lane to the wire on Pet Rock on Jug Day....

Anonymous said...

...... He booted Pet Rock beyond belief...... and a couple of other horses. If the judges don't fine him big they are blind, or worse.... part of the problem


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