Exchange to Debut at Cal Expo, Harness Racing's Social Media Stars, & Get Your Wings!

What do @jerseytom , @gingras 3 , and others on social media for harness racing have in common? According to an article in today's Harness Racing Update, they're stars on twitter. (pdf, page 5).

Also in Harness Racing Update, Chris Schick talks about exchange wagering being approved for Cal Expo.

He said:
  • The commission on winning wagers will range from 5 to 10 percent, depending on the volume of play of the customer. That is considerably higher than the rate paid by European customers. Betting will also continue as the race is
    progressing, with players having the opportunity to bet on or against horses as the race unfolds.
If you have not tried in-running betting, you can there. Let's hope there are market makers, because if so, it is extremely entertaining. It should be up and running by January 1st.

19 have entered the Little Brown Jug. It goes next Thursday. 

There's a huge card tonight at Mohawk highlighted by the Canadian Trotting Classic. I like Your So Vain to win it.

The other big news is that Bris's Ed DeRosa is heading to Mohawk today to take in the action. Have fun Ed, and I have it on strong authority the chicken wings are pretty good at Mohawk. Enjoy!

Have a nice Saturday everyone.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

As long as exchange wagering is limited to the Harness and Quarter Horses, handle will be so small the wager will be a total joke.


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