Premier Wynne Talks "5 Year Plan"

In a letter sent to the racing industry in Ontario, along with the transition panel, we saw some new prose. Specifically we see talk of a "5 year plan".
  • I require that you establish the specific amount of recommended government investment required during the Five Year Plan to achieve a vibrant, sustainable horse racing industry that is accountable, transparent, customer-focused and of net benefit to the taxpayers of Ontario. 
In year one of this process (cancelling the slots revenue from racing) this was a "one year plan". A year later it was a "three year plan". Now we're seeing "5 year plan" floating around.

Most observers were shocked - not that slots were cancelled, most might say that was inevitable - that a massive industry like horse racing was given only one year to change.  Five years is more like it.

Whether this plan includes funding for five years or more is the question. However, it appears this is a step in the right direction and it is happening near the harness yearling sales that were off 30% or more last season.

It seems everyone is on notice. The industry is because after 5 years it will have to show sustainability, and the government (and future governments) are, because this is a plan that will likely never be cancelled in year two or three if done correctly.

I suspect this is a good day for Ontario horse racing, but I've always been an optimist in this, so maybe that's jaded.


AprilFuel said...

The breeders were screwed when they announced the cancelling of SAR right before breeding season last year and they were screwed because they didn't announce anything about the OSS soon enough before this year's breeding season and despite this announcement (4 days before the SC sale)the breeders will take a blood bath again. It won't change buyers minds because no one trusts the government or what they say now. I'm an optimist also but it is what it is. And the damage to ON breeders and stud farms has been done!

Anonymous said...

Well said April. Sorry but I will not be purchasing OSS yr for 2nd year. Perhaps US yrs.

Sandy said...

This is a 5 yr downward spiral plan. It should be pointed out that with the drastic drop in breedings,drop in OSS nominations and sustaining payments the government will have no choice but to increase funding or watch it die a slow death. This year alone the OSS grassroots were going for less than the maidens at WEG. It will make even more sense to not pay in.


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