USTA Decision Short-Sighted

Today the USTA decided to reject the RCI model rules on medication.

I was not privy to these discussions, but this smacks of a "they're different so we should leave this to them" meme. What should have been thought of instead, is that, yes, we're different, but making this work is vitally important, because (in no small part) leaving this association makes us look like a bunch of chemical dependent  cowboys.

This, in my opinion, is terrible PR, and a short-sighted decision from a sport which is well-known for it.

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That Blog Guy said...

Absolutely a bad decision. Yes, standardbreds race more often, but basically they are a horse and it has the same effect on horses. From what I read, the RCI says there are alternative drugs which can be used. Instead of having a cow, did anyone thing about talking to a racing commission about allowing some horses to race on the non-steroidal version and do a study? Of course not, it is easier to do the same old thing.


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