A $5M Match Race?

Richard Fields loves racing.

He bought Suffolk Downs last year, and hopes to revive it into what it once was. Each time I read a Suffolk headline, it is about some promotion, or him sinking cash into his track, or him trumpeting the fact that they are open for business and come along.

Two years ago he revived the Mass Handicap. It had been going on for 60 years before being discontinued. Now he wants to take it to greater heights. He announced that his own company would put up the cash for a purse increase of the Handicap to $5M, if Curlin and Big Brown stay undefeated the rest of the way, and show up.

“Big Brown and Curlin are regarded as the two best thoroughbreds in the world and racing fans would like nothing more than to see them go head to head,” said Fields. “If they are to square off, we feel that a $5 million purse is a great incentive and what better place than at Suffolk Downs in the city of Boston, the sports capital of the world.”

We know Jess Jackson is a sportsman. We spoke about him here in a previous post.

Are the Big Brown owners sportsman? We'll see.

We need more people like Richard Fields in this business.

Harness Edge Has Some Class

I am always impressed by the folks at the Harness Edge. Yesterday a letter to the Edge reported on some trouble a woman had regarding getting a reservation for her and her friends on North America Cup night. It turns out that she was in fact on the list, Woodbine let the Edge know, and an immediate apology by The Edge was on their website.

It's a small thing, yes. But in the media age it seems that when someone reports something, there is an editorial slant on it, and if it turns out to be a mistake we never hear or see anyone taking responsibility for it. Harold and the crew obviously do not prescribe to that, and it shows in this small example.

I have stated often here, that I have opinions, but it does not mean they are right. If anyone who reads the blog has any issue with those opinions, please comment, or email me and set me straight. I want to have accurate opinions, because inaccurate ones are useless.

The Edge is doing some great things, including some excellent podcasts. Today they have young driver Ty Buter featured on that podcast, so check that out if you are interested.

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