Industry Review Panel & a Few Notes

I've been away from the races for a little while. But I did come across some news tonight.

The biggest of which is the Industry Review Panel Report for Ontario horse racing. There is some huge stuff in this report. Racing might never be the same in this province. I am pretty sure our fractured stakeholders will have something to say about this - and many will not be happy. But most of this I think needs to be done. Most of it people in one way or another have said has to be done.

I will have a few opinions on it after I digest it a bit more. But at first glance, a thumbs up from this cat.

Andrew Cohen of shares his opinion on the recent ORC ruling against Woodbine Entertainment. Agree or disagree with Mr. Cohen, but never accuse him of not making a good argument. Another well thought out piece from one of this games fine spokespeople.

There is a thread at about "is thoroughbred easier or harder to handicap than harness" Good thread and all. But it does degenerate into the "harness guys are cheaters and thoroughbred guys are not. Gosh, am I the only one that is tired of that? If I was senior VP of marketing for a new commish I would attack this head on. We should have an immediate and swift response for those stereotypes.

I mentioned in a previous post that HANA was formed, a new horseplayer group. On paceadvantage they are asking members which reforms should be taken on by the group first. It is often said that horseplayers are greedy, whiners and don't care about anyone other than themselves. What a bunch of bull (pardon my language). They care about this game. And want to make it better.

Look at this list of reforms players want. Do you see greed? I don't.

I hope everyone is having a nice week.

Which proposed reform should have highest priority


Anonymous said...

Woodbine's none to happy with the report:

"...its recommendations are entirely impractical, unrealistic and unworkable from a financial perspective."

Ontario scheme: Devastate 55,000 job industry

Pull the Pocket said...

I think I can see what they are not happy about....... but I would have loved to see specifics and some alternatives set out by them in that response.

Anyway, I have tried not to think too hard about this until I get off my trip. If anyone has some thoughts about this huge paper I would love to hear them.

Pull the Pocket said...

Oh well, I decided to read it..... looks like a reshuffling of the deck. Plenty of good things - seems like racing more and more dates at Woodstock for 15k purses in front of two barn cats and a couple of patrons will be a thing of the past; some cash from slots for a centralized structure, some cash for marketing (too much, as I think wagering rebates and innovations should have received 4.7% and marketing less........ we can not market a product like this in the new media, the product is the market nowadays - new marketing 101).

A few curious ones (no mention of the bettor and too high a price of wagering in a competitive marketplace). It does seem quite drastic for a track like Woodbine and they will be affected a lot. But it seems that they want to throw them a bone or two with a few things - they get some sort of special mention.

Anyhow, more to go through I guess and think about. I am not grasping it all; I know that for sure. Hugh Mitchell's comment seems to be a good one - let's digest it and speak before commenting in full one way or the other.

Very interesting report, however.

Anonymous said...

Cangamble gives it a D minus

Anonymous said...

I was going to try and absorb something from the report but noticed in the Hoosier Cup entries for Saturday that Ryan Anderson is listed to drive Art Official. Any reasons given anywhere?


Anonymous said...

Bottom line. From an ownership standpoint they will get approximately 7% instead of 10% of slot revenues, while purse accounts will get at least 12.3% instead of 10%.
Horsemen likey.
Track owners no likey.


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