Breaking Down Barriers

I have been searching here and there for some reaction outside harness circles on Somebeachsomewhere. People have (rightfully) noticed that there is not a ton of press about him, or the victory south of the border. This is not unexpected of course. We're harness racing, and this colt has not wowed them at the Big M; he's done it here.

However, on some blogs and on chat boards in thoroughbred land, there is some buzz about this animal. One of the very best and longest running thoroughbred blogs, Left at the Gate had a recent post about the Truro Nova Scotia horse.

The track, located in Campbellville, Ontario, around 25 miles from Toronto, no longer keeps attendance figures, but it was said to be "wall-to-wall" with an estimated crowd of 11,000. This is an undefeated (in nine starts) horse who is evoking the kind of genuinely heartfelt reaction from the public that I felt was notably absent around Big Brown.

And from the comment section, from our galloping gaited cousins:

Thanks for the link, and the more you talk about this horse makes me want to go see my first ever standardbred race day.

And another:

Add me to the list, need something to root for with zero chance of seeing Big Brown or Curlin again in this country, and my Mets embarrassing themselves on and off the field.

Have not been to the Big M in a long long time, but going to try to get there for this one.

Keep us appraised.

Great horses always break down barriers. I am sure there are some true blue harness fans that will tune in to watch Curlin in France should he go. Or take a gander to watch Big Brown again in the Breeders Cup Classic should he go. There is always some crossover, but 9 times out of 10 you need a horse who captures some imagination to gain that crossover. Perhaps we have that with the Beach, a horse who three months ago was training down for his 3yo season in the cold of central Nova Scotia totally oblivious that this all could happen for him.

Note: It was nice to do a nice story about the sport. I especially like linking to other blogs from fans like Left at the Gate and others. but that will change tomorrow if I have time. The New York Racing Association has raised takeouts. Yep, you read that right. We'll grudgingly speak about that 'another nail in the coffin' tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

I have had a few people stop at work and tell me they watched the race on the score. Thye were very excited watching the race.


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