Cup XXV Monday & Great Horses

Some good stuff out there today for fans who want to handicap the Cup.

The Harness Edge has video interviews with George Teague, Paul MacDonnell and Darren McCall. I love Paul Mac. He is so cool about all this it is frightening. Steady is as steady does.

Standardbred Canada has some stories up. Included is a poll question on who will win Cup XXV. The elims are all up there for those of you who have not seen them.

Shiny Woodbine handicapper Mike Hamilton chimed in on some numbers for this years Cup. Some numbers is probably not accurate. How about a ton of numbers. More numbers than a NASA scientist uses to land that thing on Mars. More numbers than Einstein uses. More (negative) numbers than our stable's tax return. Anyway you get the drift. If you are looking at some NA Cup trivia, look no further than here, at
Just click the "By the Numbers" link.

The post draw is tomorrow, so we will have a fair odds line soon. Also, I am trying to enlist a few guys to place up a line and maybe have some sort of challenge to see who stinks the least. Anyone want to add their odds line and some bets?

A Triple Crown Note

Boy Ken Desormeaux is still getting hammered for his Big Brown ride. Hilarious. Society in 2008 says we must blame; and blame we do. Blaming Kent for the loss is about as nonsensical as me beating Gary Kasparov in a game of chess, then heading off to warm up to win the gold in a 100 meter sprint against Carl Lewis.

Anyhow, apparently Kent is to blame, and he is the reason he lost; well I say getting bumped for four strides and getting taken up is nothing but a convenient excuse. Great horses win races by overcoming obstacles. Good horses use obstacles as excuses. If Afleet Alex can win the Preakness while falling on his face (youtube) & (picture), Big Brown sure as hell should have been able to win the Belmont.

In any event, even if by some miraculous reason the bumping was to blame, I am pretty happy that he lost, because you don't deserve to be mentioned with the Citations and Secretariats of the world if you can't overcome a trip that a 5 claimer at Mountaineer can overcome on a nightly basis.

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