Today will probably be the day the Triple Crown is won. I thought a post about the one and only Secretariat is apropos.

There will be many throwing around the word greatness if Big Brown should win tomorrow. But we should all step back and take a look at the past. Secretariat was and is greatness. People don't throw around the word "Superhorse" when speaking of him - he invented that word.

Here is the full footage of the 1973 Belmont via Youtube, including post-race coverage.

I thought it was a good time to watch that again, just to put things into perspective. I could watch that race all day.

Later on Saturday we get to see our own version of Big Brown - Somebeachsomewhere. Can he be the next Superhorse? We'll be back tomorrow with a North America Cup recap.

Photo Courtesy the Time Magazine Website.

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Anonymous said...

Great work, Dean, finding that cover and a replay of Big Red's race. Part of me wants Big Brown to do it for the good of the sport. Part of me wants Big Brown to fail because of his connections. Either way, though, no one will ever replace or even get near Secreteriat.


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